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Welcome to the NARRI All Star Link information page. All Star is a full duplex VoIP system with many of the PBX features. You will find NARRI's Star Link System Las Vegas repeater at 449.725 (-) PL 94.8 with local coverage of the greater Las Vegas area. It can be linked via the internet to many other locations. The IRLP Sysytem Designer has decreed that if you are on Allstar, you are forbidden to cross-connect to IRLP. The linking code was ripped out of app_rpt October 2010, so, if you are on the current won't connect to IRLP. No such restriction is in place for Echolink to Allstar, in fact, a great majority of the Allstar nodes I know also have an Echolink port open. SClick on the banner above to visit the home page for the All Star Link System. There you will find a technical explanation of the workings of the equipment, a list of All Star Nodes in the USA and elsewhere.

The system is controlled by a Linux-based computer system running the open-source Asterisk PBX telephone switch platform along with the app_rpt repeater/remote base controller/linking software module (which is included in the distribution of Asterisk) connected to a high speed (broadband, such as Cable Modem or DSL) Internet connection.

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