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EchoIRLP software has now been added to several of the NARRI IRLP Nodes. This means NARRI IRLP nodes with EchoIRLP software can call and received calls from either IRLP or EchoLink, but not both at the same time or when connected somewhere.

Echoirlp allows the following combinations:
  • EchoIRLP to IRLP node-to-node or node-to-reflector connections
  • EchoIRLP node to EchoLink node, other EchoIRLP, or EchoLink Conference Server.

At the time an EchoIRLP node is being used for EchoLink it is no longer available for IRLP. The same is true when Nodes are being used in the IRLP mode; an EchoLink node cannot connect when IRLP is in use. EchoIRLP does not allow any form of cross linking between EchoLink and the IRLP system. For example: EchoLink stations can not connect to the IRLP Western Reflector, but can connect to Echo Conference Servers that are digitally linked to the Western Reflector (See Dual VoIP Bridges below).

Node Connection Status: When using an IRLP node in the EchoIRLP mode on the EchoLink System it will show up with the assigned EchoLink node number. When a connection is made to EchoLink the node will show up on the IRLP Status Page (see as connected to the "E_L_Project" . When operating on IRLP node-to-node or node-to-reflector the node will show up as an IRLP node on the IRLP Status Page as before. When IRLP Node 3641 is connected to IRLP, say 9250, it shows up on the EchoLink system as "connected to IRLP 9250". This is subject to change

If connected to one of the integrated NARRI conferences with an Echo link Windows Client (using Echo link software on a PC) the users will  see IRLP nodes as stn1234, or REF9250  (example only) and Echo link will show up in the usual Echo link format, i.e.,   *WORLD* (conference), W7ABC (user PC), W7ABC-L (link) or W7ABC-R (repeater).

Current logins to the Echo link system of /users, Links, Repeaters and Conferences may viewed at . Shows Echo link only.


NARRI Western Reflector Channels 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 are channels that integrated with Echo link Conference Servers; this means those IRLP Reflector channels are digitally linked to a unique Echo Link Conference thus allowing nodes on Echo Conferences to talk to nodes on specific IRLP reflector channels.

The linking relationship is:

IRLP Channel EchoLink Conference Server EchoIRLP number Reserved uses
9251 *WORLD* 479886 This channel  is integrated with the full time *WORLD* Echo link conference server. This allows IRLP and Echo link nodes conference with each other . All hams are welcome.  NARRI sponsors the following nets that are run and managed by others:

The North American Hand-shaker's Net is held every Tuesday at 7 p.m. 

Daily friendships nets at 7 am World Wide Friendship Net (See and at 5 pm the *WORLD* Friendship Net .  The purpose of these nets is to spread friendship on a world wide basis.  

Guten Tag. Sprechen sie Deutsch ? German Net Tuesday - Friday

9253 *CCNVARES* 420139 Links to the Clark County Nevada ARES repeater system
9254 *HI-GATE* 367564 Hawaii–Pacific Rim Linking, Special Activities and Emergency Services
9257 *DCF-ARC* 336037        Disaster Communicators Forum/American Red Cross nets starting at 6 PM Pacific Time

Utah RACES/Homeland Security every other month on third Thursday.

These facilities are available for used before, during, and after disasters. Emcom organizations may use these VoIP channels without special permission. They may be scheduled  for regional, national, state and organizational practice nets.

9258 *NV-GATE* 152566 The Nevada State ARES/RACES Net is every Thursday at 7 PM Pacific time. The Nevada Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network  (SATERN) net is Thursdays at 8 PM Pacific time. Visitors are welcome

The Nevada SKYWARN Net meets at 7 PM Pacific Time on Wednesdays.

9259 *ERC-ECS* 328327 Reserved for LDS ERC-ECS operations
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