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The purpose of Nevada Amateur Radio Repeaters, Inc. (NARRI) is to promote the development of amateur radio repeaters under the provisions of 47CFR Part 97 including, but may not be limited to, those linked via the internet, for personal enjoyment, public service during emergencies and natural disasters and, if applicable, home land security, education and any other lawful purpose. NARRI is a Nevada non-profit corporation, formed 7/10/2002, and is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code.

NARRI's radio repeaters and remotes operate under the Club Call Sign of N7ARR (" Nevada 7 Amateur Radio Repeaters") and N7NDS (N Nevada 7 N Nevada DS D-Star). NARRI repeaters  are integrated with the Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP),  Echo link systems, All Star Linking or D-Star. NARRI owned equipment  includes various repeaters located in Nevada and Voice-over-IP conference bridges. The  IRLP Western Reflector has integrated Echo link conferences: WORLD, NV-GATE, CCNVARES, HI-GATE, DCF-ARC and ECS-ERC for multi repeater linking via the internet. The conferences have public service support as their reason for existence. 

ALL LAS VEGAS HAMS ARE INVITED TO TALK TO ANYONE THEY HEAR ON NARRI's LOCAL WESTERN REFLECTOR GATEWAY REPEATER 147.000 or 447.000 (-) PL 123 or other repeaters that may be connected AS OFTEN AS THEY WANT. A Reflector Gateway Repeater is one that is connected 24/7.

Most NARRI equipment is open for public use while others parts of the system may be reserved for member use only; see FCC Part 97.205(e); it says "Limiting the use of a repeater to only certain user stations is permissible." and NARRI uses this provision as appropriate to implement its charter. NARRI members have control operator status for the entire NARRI system. Non members, including visitors, must ask permission to control; NARRI feels a responsible repeater custodian must assure those controlling have the appropriate training and authority. NARRI has never refused a qualified visitor who asked to control on the system.

NARRI procedures define the way system equipment is operated. NARRI reserves the right to revoke control privileges of anyone at any time for violation of NARRI procedures or to limit the number of control operators, but there is no limit at this time. Donations of equipment, funds and time support NARRI growth, maintenance and public service activies and operational costs. NARRI is purchasing equipment for expansion of system capabilities and to assist with development of internet linked repeaters and RF links in other Nevada locations.
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Since 2001 NARRI has sponsored the Annual VoIP IRLP Conference in that is held in the Spring. In the last few years the conference has broadened into a VoIP Topical Conference of not only IRLP, but is open to presentations on Echo link, Echoirlp, D-Star and All Star Linking. Technical developments and the use of VoIP for emergency communications for events and nets are a popular topics.   Starting this year the conference will be held in conjunction with the annual NV Section conference, EMCOMMWEST. The focus is use of ham radio for communications support during emergency events. It is the hopes of NV Section leadership that this combo will alternate yearly between Reno and Las Vegas,    Click here for information. Show your interest in attending or speaking by contacting Kent W7AOR by e-mail or phone 702-452-4412.


The NARRI system is available to support:

National SKYWARN
Las Vegas Regional SKYWARN
Clark County ARES/RACES
Nevada ARES


NARRI is charted to support the expansion of internet linked (VoIP) repeaters such as the Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP), EchoLink, D-STAR and All Star Link in Nevada

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Western Reflector   All Star   D-Star
IRLP   EchoLink

NARRI is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and is active in Nevada Section activities. While NARRI promotes Amateur Radio at the local level and supports public service activities, ARRL supports and promotes Amateur Radio at the national level with public service and education opportunities. Both organization are keenly aware of our obligations to support local, state and national emergency management with our communications capabilities. This affiliation allows NARRI to draw on ARRL's resources for information we can use when promoting Amateur Radio and defending our interests and allows ARRL to stay aware of NARRI activities at the local level. NARRI provides peer support and good fellowship. NARRI suggests individual membership in ARRL.


NARRI is interested in seeing people, of any age, become licensed radio amateurs. See for information on licensing of hams in the Las Vegas area. A local team of hams called a "Volunteer Examiner team" is certified by the ARRL-VEC to administer F.C.C. approved Amateur Radio exams The Las Vegas area VE team is not affiliated with, nor sponsored by, any local club or organization.


Review the Exam Pool Questions (with correct answers) at, then take practice tests at


NARRI Appreciates The Interest And Generosity Of The Following
Radio Amateurs In Helping NARRI Achieve Its Goals.

 KG7BZN Scott, WX7Y Bret, KF7PSG Don, KF7YDL Peri, KF7QLP Benton, W6BBZ Dave. KT7JOE Joe, K9UGF Craig, KF7LPJ William, KJ6NKV Janielle,  K7NKHLee, AD7OY Chuck, K7QQQ Dan, KG6LIN Peter, N6HSZ Joe, KF7REP Rick, W7DRS David, WB6AMT Earl, KF7LPG William, W3WZN Charles, WA6TVD George, KF7REP Rick,  KE7EEC, Mike WA7KQS, David KD7KQG, Ray KF7BRH,Jon KY7Y,Tim KF7CNE,Kirsten K7DSR,David N7NJW,Nic W7ROE,Bill KE7IWY,Joe K7JWN, James KI4VLH, Gary WO3B,Bob AE6TV,Hans W9AYK,Tim W6MKJ,Michael K6IB,Brent KI4VHL,Gary KI6QHS,Michael N6HSZ,Joe N7SWI,Fred KD7RIO,Laurie KE6HGC,Michael KE7NJT,Jeffery KK7EG,Terry KC7UBY,Linda KA7ISL,Steve W5WTN,Eddie KE7OPJ,Peter KB7WVU,Jerry K7AMP,Steve KQ6FM,Don W7KBH,Jay N7CY,Scott KE7KMD,Barry N7SGV,Andy KD7TOF,Keith K7IZA,Mark K6TJG/M3ERX,Larry KE7FYE,Bill KE7GDS,Pat KD7TOH,Larry KA7ZVD,Steven: K7LAF,Bruce N5ZUA,Steve KB2ERJ,John KH6AB,Charles KE7DXR,Corrina N7EIZ,David W7VG,Charles KD7YGU,Mike K7JSJ,James N7HYV,Jerry K6HOX,Frank KC7ILH,Jerry KK7AV,Rob KE7APH,Fred N6GVU,Richard W7MAG,Paul KD6HWC,Jim K6TJG/M3ERX,Larry WA4PDM,Gary, WB4VRV,Phyllis N5DC,Jim W5XYL,Evie KF4TMG,Andrew AA7I,Dan WB6EGR,Kirk WA6SXY,Annette K7FED,Andy WA6TNW,Tim KD7ZHC,John KD7WPI,Dominick K6JSI,Shorty WG1N,Greg AA5QJ,Charlie NK7I,Bob KB7REO,Glen WB6LNX,David WA6KYZ,Ed KE8HC,Paul ND7M,Dennis K7SJK,Emil: WA7VGN,Richard WH6CYB,Joe KH7ME,Jamie KD7YMN,Larry N7JU,John KB7UI,Alan K7DGF,Dave WB6RTH,Mike K2ADS,Al KD7YGS,Bryan KD7YGQ,James N7RNQ,Andrew W7DBZ,David W7CMB,Bob K5LIT,Vince K7RSW,Scott KG7SS,Blayne N7TNB,Tracy KD8S,Steve KD7UHI,Curtis KD7KWS,Stephanie KD7UHG,Bob KD7WYD,Sandy KC7EZI,David WA7GIV,Scott KD7HZJ,Mary KC7OFR,Mike KD7HRQ,Mary W5RJK,Joe KC7OSW,Al K6ADS,Andy KD7GYW,Darrel KD7SGM,Thomas KD7ODH,Jim N7XFT,Link KE4ULL,Tom K8XC,Bill K9XC,Carolyn KC7ZOM,Bob KH7R,Ken K0CPU,Larry K2CAT,Sara WH6CXE,David N7USX,Dennis KC7ZVE,Judy N8RRL Jack,  KC7NAG Jim, W7HTL,Phil, KK7IF,Dudley KC7GXX Linda, KC7GXN Bill, KA7DVN Butch, W7GSFGeorge, KE7BIW Sandy, W7AOR,Kent.

Most of the people on the list are current members of
the NARRI Users Group and Friends of the Western Reflector.


NARRI is an open system supported by user donations. NARRI is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).  You may use PayPal to make a tax deductible donation to NARRI of any amount or to pay annual membership dues of $100. Please add $3.20 when using PayPal. Checks may be mailed to: NARRI, 395 Peaceful Street, Las Vegas, NV 89110. Current membership is required for control (linking and unlinking) of system repeaters.
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Questions concerning NARRI or becoming a supporter of NARRI should be directed to Kent B. Johnson, President, NARRI, 395 Peaceful Street, Las Vegas, NV 89110 Telephone 702-452-4412 or E-mail

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