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This system with its internet linked repeaters sounds fun, how do I become a users group member? The answer is listen to the NARRI system repeaters, who they are talking to and what they talk about. You will notice that the system offers a unique blend of technical exchange mixed with personal communication locally and over distant repeaters linked to NARRI repeaters by the IRLP and Echolink systems. If you want to become involved in this unique aspect of amateur radio that the Nevada Amateur Radio Repeaters, Inc. (NARRI) has to offer to its group of users then contact Kent, W7AOR by phone 702-452-4412 or by e-mail: An NARRI membership application should be filled out and submitted.NARRI Membership Application

Members of the NARRI system users group have the ability to operate on the public and private portions of NARRI.  Private control codes are used to connect and disconnect NARRI repeaters to distant repeaters. As a member of the NARRI users group you may also use any of the remote base radios owned by the affiliate clubs, CALNET, for example. NARRI, as well as each of those affiliate clubs, is a private non-profit organization. If you live in an affiliate club area you should support that organization.

We are also looking for individuals that will be committed to a long-term support of NARRI . With a system as unique as NARRI, we need to ensure the system is enjoyable for everyone to operate. What does it costs? The answer is: donations of time, equipment or money is involved. This can be worked out so as not to be a hardship to individuals.

You may use PayPal to make a donation or to pay annual dues of $100 plus $3.20 that PayPal charges NARRI.

If you would like to be contacted regarding membership, drop an e-mail to Kent, W7AOR at or call 702-452-4412 with any comments or questions.

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